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In partnership with Chubb Fire and Security

Thursday 10th December 2020

The Gun Trade Association do not sit on their laurels and have recently partnered with Chubb Fire and Security to pre-empt the Digital Switchover which will affect your alarm systems.

What is happening?

•Network providers are upgrading technology (Openreach, Virgin)

• Alarm signals (e.g. the monitored intruder alarms you all have) will no longer be transferred over the PSTN network, instead they will go via Internet Protocols (IP)/Broadband. (Assuming they don’t already have a digital ready signalling device)

• This change is led by the network providers (e.g. Openreach, Virgin) not the Government

• It will be happening before 2025 Why is it happening? • Advances in technology/IP networks now make it viable to support both broadband and telephone services on one network • Investment into national infrastructure to improve quality of communication

• Copper network becoming increasingly difficult and uneconomic to maintain 

Where is it happening?

• Different providers, at different times, and in different locations!

• We are not the first! Jersey, France, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland etc 

What does this mean for Chubb and GTA members?

• Chubb are one of the companies that have a responsibility to ensure functionality of alarm signalling over IP to re-configure, upgrade, or replace where needed

• All monitored systems will eventually need a broadband connection and suitable monitoring device (Or dual SIM) to continue transmitting alarm signals to the ARC (alarm receiving centre). When this is needed is dependent on the providers and their timescales for each region of the UK Our solution

• Chubb will install brand new digital ready signalling for any GTA members that join Chubb for their Intruder alarm service and monitoring as part of the Intruder 360 service package. This installation is free of charge saving them potentially hundreds of pounds in upfront costs and removing the cost for line rental. GTA members are eligible for up to 15% discount on Chubb services.

Education and raising awareness – 2021 Digital Switchover Forum Chubb will host a forum via Teams or Zoom at the end of January 2021 (date to be arranged). It will be an event where GTA members can get all the answers to any questions they have regarding the digital switch and security in general. Guest speakers from the likes of BT Redcare will attend as well. If you're a GTA member and would like to attend the online forum, please register your interest by email to

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