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Two New Statutory Instructions Issued relating to Deactivated Firearms, Under 18 ownership and RFD Registers

Thursday 31st October 2019

The Government have just incorporated into the Firearms Rules new requirements from 2017 EU Directives on civilian ownership of firearms.  These cover registration with licensing authorities the ownership of deactivated firearms, security issues for the ownership of firearms by under 18s and the requirements for RFDs to record more details of firearms in their registers.  

  • Transfer of deactivated firearms now requires notification to licensing authorities.  
  • Ownership of deactivated firearms requires notification by the owner to the licensing authorities.  If the deac was in possession of the owner before 14 Sept 2018 that has to be completed by 14 March 2021.
  • Registers should now include details of the following:
    • the type of firearm
    • the model
    • the calibre
    • the name of the manufacturer or brand
    • the country or place of manufacture, if known
    • the serial number
  • Component parts are also subject to new marking requirements (details to follow)

The Statutory instruments are here:

These rules come into force on 12 Dec 2019.  Full guidance from the GTA will follow shortly.

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