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Mandatory use of EORI Numbers for Import Licences
Update from the Department for International Trade
Legislation - Tuesday 9th April 2019

GTA members who import goods will need to be aware that as a result of a new HMRC policy on the use of EORI numbers, they will have to provide EORI numbers to ILB in order to obtain... Read more...

Wood Pigeon General Licence
Issued by Natural England
Legislation - Tuesday 7th May 2019

Natural England have now issued the Wood Pigeon General Licence (here). Read more...

General Licenses for Wild Bird Species
A letter to the Secretary of State from the GTA
Legislation - Monday 13th May 2019

Dear Secretary of State,GENERAL LICENCESThe Gun Trade Association represents around 600 companies involved in the manufacture, distribution and retail of... Read more...

Two New Statutory Instructions Issued relating to Deactivated Firearms, Under 18 ownership and RFD Registers
Legislation - Thursday 31st October 2019

The Government have just incorporated into the Firearms Rules new requirements from 2017 EU Directives on civilian ownership of firearms.  These cover registration with licensing... Read more...

New Rules on Ownership and Transfer Notifications
Legislation - Monday 9th December 2019

The Home Office has published the detail relating to the earlier notice on deactivated firearms.  The detail can be found hereComment... Read more...

Extension of General Licences
Legislation - Wednesday 18th December 2019

The three licences GL26(Carrion Crows), GL28(Canada Geese)and GL31(Wood Pigeon) that end on 31 December are to be granted for use subject to licence conditions, until 29 February... Read more...

Restricting lead gunshot over wetlands: Why is the European Commission proposal so problematic?
Threats from Europe
Legislation - Friday 3rd July 2020

Despite BREXIT efforts to remove us from European controls, there is a chance that new draconian restrictions over shooting lead near wetlands could affect us before the end of the... Read more...

Act now to defend shooting by responding to the Government Firearms Safety Consultation
Legislation - Tuesday 5th January 2021

Download your prepared response and send it the Home Office: Full Response here Airgunning... Read more...

Time to Reopen!
Government restrictions have been eased.
Legislation - Monday 12th April 2021

The Gun Trade Association are delighted that shops in England and Wales are due to reopen their doors to retail customers on Monday the 12th April. We hope that Scotland and Northern... Read more...

Antique Firearms Update
Action required before 22 September 2021
Legislation - Wednesday 4th August 2021

Did you know that the law on antique firearms has changed? Some firearms that could previously be possessed without a firearm certificate as an antique are now subject to licensing.... Read more...